Quality is very important to Homework Online Help. We have writers who know how to do certain tasks. We deliver every assignment by taking into account all of the client's needs. When it comes to delivery, we are the best. We take the deadlines seriously and stick to them. But if the client finds out that the company isn't doing what it said it would do, the client can get a partial or full refund.

Our company policy lets you ask for a refund, which could be in full or in part. If the HomeworkOnlineHelp didn't do what they said they would, you can ask for your money back. As a company, we promise that you will be happy with the results, because your happiness is our reward. As a company, we are very happy with how well we do because most of the students who order from us are happy with the results. But sometimes things do not go the same way. We have a refund policy for this kind of thing. We want to make it clear that we can only give a full refund in certain situations.

Our Refund Policy:

Here is a list of all the reasons why we might give a full or partial refund. Please let us know if you think you were charged more than once for the same task. You can connect us through chat or email. You can send us an email with the receipts. As soon as possible after the check, your money will be sent back to you. If the client misses the deadline, they are entitled to a refund. But if the client makes sudden and unexpected changes that push back the deadline, the client won't get their money back.

Before you get your assignments, they are all checked for plagiarism with different tools. But if the client thinks that there is plagiarism in a specific part of the task, we will recheck the task and remove the plagiarism for you at no extra cost. In these cases, refunds will not be done.

If the client decides to cancel the order after paying for it but before the work has been given to the company's writer, you can book another assignment worth the same amount of money for free. But if the writer starts working on the task, the task will stay the same, and we will give you your money back.

We want to give you the best result for the Homework or task you give us. So, we keep working on the same thing until we can't come up with a good answer to the assignment. But we were able to fix everything in less time. So, if you ask us to do the work again after that time, we can do the same. In that case, we won't give you any money back.

You have a much lower chance of failing the homework we complete for you. But if you do that, we will give you a refund of 50% of the amount you paid. Please note that you need to show proof that you got "Fail" within a month of turning in the assignment. During the next month, such a request will be taken into account. We give back half the money because we gave our writer a 50% advance on the assignment and can't get that money back. So, we don't keep working with the writer who keeps getting you into trouble.

When we give a students's homework to a writer, we are very careful about who gets it. But if the best writer isn't available for the studnet's task, we will return the money to the student that gave to our company.

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